How do I batch import students into groups?


Blackboard Groups allow you to organize students for team-based learning or projects. Instructors can also use groups to organize the grade center and create smart views, or to set up adaptive release criteria for controlling content in the course. Students can be added to groups manually or randomly, or they can self-enroll. Some instructors may prefer to batch import students into groups if they have larger sections. 

Batch importing students to groups requires two key steps: Preparing the CSV file and uploading the CSV file to the Blackboard course. Groups must be created before students can be added to the groups. See → Creating Course Groups in Blackboard.

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 Step 1: Prepare the CSV file
  1. Batch importing students to groups requires the Group Code used by Blackboard for each group. Follow the instructions below for Original and Ultra to identify the Group Code.
  2. Download and format the CSV template from the Blackboard course via Groups.
    • If you open this CSV file in Excel, please be sure to save it as CSV.
    • Retain the headings as you work on the file.


The student must be enrolled in your course before the student can be added to a group. You must use the student's username to batch import through this process. Although PeopleSoft does not include the student's username, you can cross-reference the Campus ID through the "student ID" column in the Blackboard grade center, which also includes the student's username.

Bb RosterBb Grade CenterPeopleSoft Roster


Campus ID (listed under Student ID)

Campus ID
 Step 2: Find the Group Code
  1. If you created the groups via CSV file, then you chose the Group Code.
  2. If you are reusing existing groups that were not created via CSV file, you will need to export the groups from the Groups page to get the Group Code.

  3. Open this CSV file to get the Group Code for Step 3.
 Step 3: Upload the CSV file
  1. After the file is prepared, go to the course and navigate Groups from the Details & Actions menu on the left menu.

  2. Open the specific Groups Set you created via CSV file. See → How do I batch create groups with a CSV file in a Blackboard course?
  3. Click on the Import icon, which is located on the far right of the group membership page.

  4. When the peek panel opens, select the tab for Assign Members.

  5. Click Upload File and browse for the membership CSV file.

  6. Click IMPORT.

You should receive an email when your membership list has been processed.

If you are still teaching in Original...
 Tips for finding the Group Code for Original


  1. Go to Control Panel → Users and Groups → Groups.
  2. Select View Options -> Show Group Code. 

  3. A new column will appear at the far right with the Group Code. 
  4. If the group code is blank, then you may need to Export a group first to generate a Group Code by the system.