How do I connect to Eduroam with Windows?

The easiest way to access the Eduroam wireless network at UMBC from a computer running Windows is to run the custom installer for your version:

Once you get connected to the eduroam network, you should remove the UMBC Visitor and/or UMBC Campus networks from your Wi-Fi settings or your computer may still try to connect to those under some circumstances. 

  1. Click the Network icon on the lower right corner of your screen.

  2. Click Network settings.

  3. Click Manage Wi-Fi settings.

  4. Under Manage known networks, click UMBC Visitor or UMBC Campus.

  5. Click Forget. The wireless network profile is deleted.

After downloading, run the installer:

Click Next.

You'll be presented with a confirmation that the installer will only work if you have an account at UMBC; if you are from another university and are looking for an installer to use eduroam, check to see if one is available for your institution.

Click OK to proceed.

You will then be prompted to enter your UMBC username and password.  NOTE: you need to enter your complete UMBC email address, with "" included.  Your username alone will not work.

After entering your information, click Install.

 You may be prompted with this message.

Click Yes to proceed.

At this point, the installer will configure your computer to use the eduroam network.

After a few seconds, your computer should automatically connect to the eduroam network.  Your list of Wifi networks may look different for your version of Windows.

If your computer doesn't connect, and Windows reports that it can't connect when you select eduroam from the list of wireless networks, then it's possible you entered your username or password incorrectly.  In this case, you can simply run the installer again, and it will update your computer's settings.  Be sure to enter your full UMBC email address as your username.  If for some reason it still doesn't work, you can try configuring the connection manually:

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Connecting to Eduroam with Windows 8.1/10