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Guideline 619 - Termination of Employment

Staff planning to leave service should advise supervisors and library administrators as soon as possible of intention to resign. Permanent and temporary appointment staff must notify the Director of the Library in writing no later than:

  • 30 calendar days in advance for Exempt/Associate Staff.

  • 30 calendar days in advance for Faculty, unless provided otherwise by faculty appointment contract (see USM BOR Policy II-1.00 para I.C.6. stipulating resignation at end of appointment period "except by mutual agreement between the appointee and the CEO of the institution.")

  • 2 weeks prior to resignation for Non-Exempt/Classified Staff (the Director of the Library may require longer notice up to 30 days.)

Upon receipt of an employee's resignation or upon determination that an individual will be involuntarily separated from service, the departmental payroll preparer will draft a UMBC "Notice of Separation" including terminal leave balances as appropriate. This form will be double-checked by other administrative staff and then completed as appropriate by the employee's supervisor and/or the Library Director or designee, then forwarded to the UMBC Department of Human Resources for further processing.

Each person separating from UMBC service (except student assistants and persons discharged for cause) will be scheduled as soon as possible by the Library payroll preparer for an exit interview to be conducted by the UMBC Department of Human Resources. The exit interview may include a confidential questionnaire or interview with Human Resources staff, as well as counseling regarding certain rights and privileges to which the employee may be entitled after separation (e.g., continued health benefits, retirement vesting, etc.)

The Director of the Library, supervisor and/or unit head, or other designee, may also hold internal exit discussion(s) with separating staff in order to gain information (suggestions, complaints, other observations) which might be useful in our efforts to improve library services, procedures, pay, and conditions of employment).

At the conclusion of an employee's service, Library Administrative Offices staff coordinate termination of the employee's access to computer systems, purchasing or budget authority, keys, equipment on loan, etc. according to the attached termination checklist kept in the Library Administrative Offices..

references: UMBC Faculty Handbook
USM Board of Regents Policy II-1.00 for Faculty
USM __Board of Regents Policy VII-1.22 for Exempt Staff
USM Personnel Policies and Rules for Classified Employees, XIII-1
Curtis Powell, Director of Human Resources, memo dated 5/26/92 re exit interviews

guideline implemented 6/23/92, revised 1/31/01 to reflect Faculty status
revised 5/8/08

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