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Guideline 622 - Teleworking and Other Work Activities Outside the Library


This guideline supersedes Guideline 622, Work Activities Outside the Library (revised 3/20/2001). It governs work activities by Library Employees (Faculty, Exempt Staff, and Non-Exempt Staff, permanent or temporary) performed outside of the Library during the paid work day. Activities undertaken outside of the paid work day are not subject to approval beyond what is stipulated in other campus or state policies concerning consultancy reporting, conflict of interest, etc.

The “paid work day” is here defined as the portion of the work day to which the employee is committed, through an established work schedule, as contributing toward fulfillment of the minimum work week or other additional hours approved to be paid as overtime or accrued as compensatory time.

General Principles

Participation in work activities performed away from the regular duty station (i.e., the UMBC campus) during the paid work day must be approved by the Director of the Library. For those outside activities clearly within categories defined below and involving relative small time commitments, approval is delegated to Associate Directors or Unit Heads.

Approval and funding of travel requested in association with covered activities is contingent upon approval of such activities (that is, no travel can be reimbursed for an unapproved activity.) Funding of travel for approved activities is not automatic, but is subject to the separate state and USM policies and Library guidelines governing reimbursement of travel expenses.

Activities Approved

Supervisors will automatically approve activities in the following categories. Employees must advise supervisors in advance so as to facilitate management of schedules, planning, and to ensure continued operation of the Library.

  1. Activities mandated by the UMBC Office of Human Relations, Office of Human Resources, the Provost, the President, or their designees

  2. Activities implied by job descriptions or assigned by supervisors

Activities Generally Approved

Supervisors may approve activities in the following categories provided they will not, in the judgment of the supervisor, impair daily operations or ability to meet the objectives of the unit. Borderline cases should be reported to and discussed with the Director of the Library or designee.

  1. Activities which assist other campus administrative or academic units or campus governance (e.g., University Senate committee service)

  2. Meetings which contribute to a local, regional, or national professional organization or to a library enhancing project, and which are scheduled during the staff member’s paid work day. Work schedules may not be adjusted to include meetings scheduled outside of the normal schedule unless this would result in significant hardship for the individual.

Activities Generally Not Approved

The following activities expected to fall outside of the paid work day will ordinarily not be approved as library work to be accomplished within the paid work day. In accordance with University policies, Library resources such as telephones and photocopiers should not be used in support of unapproved, non-library work.

  1. Research and publication work not related to the employee’s duties.

  2. Voluntary support of campus or outside groups such as fraternities, sororities, alumni associations, charitable organizations, etc.

  3. Contributions to local, regional, or national professional organizations not related to the employee’s duties.

It is the employee’s responsibility to achieve a clear understanding with the supervisor regarding arrangements for and approval of activities which fall within these guidelines. In many cases, approval and communication requirements are satisfied by submitting travel request forms for meetings to take place during the work day.

Outside Professional Consultancy

For Faculty and Exempt/Associate Staff only, outside professional consultancy or services (paid or unpaid) must be reported in writing to the Director as required by USM policies. See Library Guideline 651.


Regular Teleworking Agreements

The Library follows the UMBC Telework Policy (VII-11.00.01). Library employees may be eligible for telework based on the nature of their assigned and implicit duties, current and previous year performance ratings, degree of supervision required, employee skill, availability of suitable off-site office space and technology, and other factors, as described in Policy VII-1.00.01. The supervisor will determine which employee(s) and position(s) are eligible for teleworking. The employee and supervisor must complete and file the UMBC Telework Agreement, Remote Workplace Certification Checklist, and Teleworker Plan before the telework schedule begins.

Examples of the types of work which may be suitable for telework include:

  • Writing-intensive activities, such as preparing grants, performance reviews, committee reports, documentation, or literature reviews

  • Data entry and statistical or data analysis

  • Preparing for library instruction, workshops, or presentations

  • Participating in online meetings or webinars, or extended phone or conference calls

  • Research and/or writing for publication, exhibition, or presentation (for faculty in permanent status track positions)

Temporary Teleworking Situations

Supervisors may also grant temporary telework privileges, at their discretion, in the event of inclement weather or extreme traffic or parking disruptions, or when the Library is closed for an emergency or other reasons. Refer to Guideline 672, Performance Standards for Working Off Site when Library is Closed, for details.

Reference: L. Wilt memo to C. Powell10/9/91

Guidelines revised 8/9/91, 3/20/01; Typographical editing 1/8/08

Revised and name changed, 12/16/2020

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