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Guideline 634 - Legal Obligations

USM Policies provide for paid leave to cover staff absences from work in order to fulfill legal obligations such as jury duty and witness testimony under subpoena.

Staff who receive notice of jury duty or subpoena are required to inform their supervisor and provide a leave request form a with copy of the summons or subpoena as soon as possible after receiving such notice. This is to allow the supervisor sufficient time to arrange workflow, desk coverage, etc., to minimize any impact on library operations caused by the staff member's anticipated absence from work.

Staff who are actually then called to attend court must obtain and provide acceptable certification of their attendance at court in order for their supervisor and the Director or designee to approve charging the staff member's absence to the appropriate form of leave. Without documentation that the employee actually attended court, such leave cannot be approved.

Staff who attend court, but are excused during the course of the proceedings shall return to the Library to work the remainder of their scheduled work day. For example, a staff member required to appear for jury duty but who is excused from actual service at 11:00 am, should return to work the afternoon of their ordinarily scheduled 8-4:30 work day.

References: BOR Policies VII 7.21, 7.22

previously implemented guideline written 2/27/99

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