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Guideline 662 - Evaluation of Student Assistants

As indicated in the Library "Student Assistant's Manual" , all student assistants are evaluated at the end of each semester and Summer of employment by supervisors in consultation with the appropriate Library unit head using the Library's Student Evaluation Form (available at I:libdocs\forms\student\eval form).

The supervisor prepares the evaluation, consulting with the unit head or other staff as needed.

The supervisor discusses the evaluation with the student and both the evaluator and student sign the form. A copy of the signed evaluation is retained by the student. Because student schedules are highly variable and subject to early resignation at end of semester, etc., supervisors are sometimes unable to obtain the student's signature to the evaluation.

The supervisor determines whether the student, overall, based on the evaluation, exceeds, meets or does not meet standards. Only students who "exceed standards" will be given raises for the following semester or Summer.  The supervisor determines and informs the student assistant whether the student will be re-hired for the following semester or Summer. 

The supervisor forwards a copy of the evaluation (signed by the supervisor, signed or unsigned by the student assistant) to the Payroll Preparer.  Evaluations are due one week from the last day of exams.  Student Assistant raises will be delayed by one raise cycle if their evaluations are received late or are not received.  Copies of evaluations which were not signed before submission to the Payroll Preparer must be signed and re-submitted as soon as (and if) the student returns to work.  Raises are not lost or delayed due to lack of student signature. 

The Payroll Preparer assigns raises, or not, depending on the supervisor's determination.   Merit increases are $0.25.  They will begin with the first pay period of the semester (Spring or Fall) following the submission of the student's evaluation and the Payroll Preparer's request to Payroll.  Therefore, the raise may not be effective in the first pay period in the next semester, but may begin in the second pay period, depending on the specific payroll schedule for that semester. Note that merit increases occur at most twice per year -- at the beginning of the Spring and Fall semesters. 

To request a merit increase greater than $0.25, an assignment of a student to a  "Special Skills or Responsibilities,"  "Enhanced" or "Advanced" position, or any other exception to hiring a student assistant at the basic wage, a supervisor must complete a Library Student Assistant Exception Request Form (available at I:\libdocs\forms\students\exception request form). The Business Manager will review and decide all such requests, and notify the supervisor of the determination made.  Decisions will be based on the characteristics of the position, the qualifications of the student, the evaluation of the student and available budget.  Supervisors or unit heads may request in writing new higher wage positions or conversion of existing positions to higher wage categories. 

Evaluation and exception forms are then placed in the Library student assistant personnel files maintained by the Administrative Offices staff where they are retained for at least three years after termination of the student's employment.

Beginning students normally start at a "training wage," i.e. the current Maryland State minimum wage.  The supervisor determines when the student has completed training.  After a minimum of four (4) weeks from hire, the supervisor certifies to the Payroll Preparer in writing that the student's training is complete and the student's wage should be raised to the basic wage.  Students starting in or promoted to higher wage categories receive all wage increases on the normal schedule, following semester evaluations. 

References:"Student Assistant's Manual"

guideline written 2/7/91, revised 9/30/92, 9/1/04, 12/01/04, rewritten 9/26/08, rev. 10/1/08
evaluation form revised 5/24/93, 11/30/04, 9/25/08
exemption form created 11/30/04

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