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Guideline 631 - Food and Drink in Work Areas

As indicated in Library guideline 452, room 355 in the Library building has been set aside for staff use as a lounge where staff may relax and eat or drink during breaks or meal periods.

While use of the staff lounge is encouraged, staff may have food or drink in their work areas if they observe the following guidelines:

Staff are responsible for damage cause by their food or drink to Library materials (such as books, journals, diskettes, or Special Collections materials); or equipment (such as computers, keyboards, or photocopiers).  Therefore, food and drink should be stored and consumed with caution, and not at all around rare or highly valuable materials and equipment. 

Food and drink, except water, cannot be placed or consumed in work areas in open sight of library users (for example at a public service desk).

Staff in their work area or at their desk are considered to be at work, subject to interruption. Scheduled meal periods (lunch and dinner) should be taken away from desk or work area if possible.

Staff may offer food and beverages to visitors provided that reasonable precautions are taken to protect materials and equipment from harm. 

When bringing food or drink into the building for consumption in either the staff lounge or the work area, staff should exercise discretion in public areas. Library users are not allowed to take food or drink in the building (see Library guideline 231). Staff should therefore keep food or drink concealed when passing through a public area so as not to convey an incorrect impression to users that they may take food and drink into the public areas of the Library.

References: J. Arnold memo to staff 5/9/80
B. Auchter/security memo to staff 4/26/91

previously implemented 231 Library Rules, approved 10/19/92

revised, 9/12/08 by LW, to conform with current library norms; edited 10/1/08 ld 

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