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Guideline 635 - Overtime (Non-Exempt Staff)

Overtime will be distributed and compensated in accordance with the UMBC Memorandum of Understanding (Article 7, Sections 1-6.b.), effective from June 22, 2005 to June 21, 2008.

As the need for overtime for non-emergency situations arises, Library administrative offices staff will adhere to the following procedures to equitably assign overtime:

  • At regular six month intervals, an email inquiry will be distributed to qualifying staff (determined by the nature of the overtime work needed), to ascertain staff interest in being considered a volunteer to work overtime (see Appendix A). Staff will be given three business days to respond to the inquiry in writing which will outline the nature of the overtime work anticipated; non-response will be interpreted as declining to volunteer.

  • The list of volunteers that choose to be considered for overtime will be complied and organized by classification (i.e. a Library Technician III will be ranked above a Library Technician II), then by seniority within the respective classification. Qualifying new employees that volunteer to be considered for overtime will be added to the list of volunteers, in rank order, at the time of hire.

  • As overtime opportunities arise, the Library administrative offices designee will contact the first employee on the list to offer the overtime opportunity.

    • If the employee rejects the overtime, their name will then be moved to the bottom of the list of qualified volunteers, and the next employee on the list will be contacted, etc.

    • If the employee accepts the overtime, the acceptance will be documented. Then, when the next opportunity for overtime arises, the next employee on the volunteer list will be consulted (i.e. if the first employee on the list accepts overtime, the next overtime opportunity will be offered to the second employee, etc.). All responses from qualified employees will be documented via the Distribution of Overtime - Library Volunteer Request Activity Log, available and posted in the Libdocs Overtime folder via the I Drive.

references: UMBC Memorandum of Understanding, effective 6/22/05-6/21/08 (available at

guideline implemented 9/19/05

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