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Guideline 617 Requesting Library Funding for Webinars

 Webinars are a great way for library staff to take advantage of training and staff development opportunities without travelling. In many instances, a webinar also allows more than one person to participate at a time.
While there are webinars that are free, many have registration fees. As often as possible, the library takes advantage of discounted rates offered by professional associations or organizational memberships.
In order to continue providing funding for as many webinars as possible, consideration needs to be given to whether or not the webinar meets the objective of providing the library staff and faculty development opportunities for effective and timely job-related training. While every attempt will be made to continue supporting all requests for webinar registrations, preference will be given to those requests that allow for multiple participants and directly relate to current and planned future job responsibilities of the requestor.
Procedure for requesting library support for a webinar:

  1. Submit the request for approval to any member of LEC.

  2. Once approved submit the registration information to Linda Durkos who will register and pay for the webinar. Any webinar over $275 also requires Director or designee approval.

  3. Those requestors who are granted funding will be responsible for all coordination of the event or finding a coordinator: e.g. scheduling a meeting room, communicating and informing all potential participants, assuring all technical requirements are met, and logging into and out of the webinar, and sharing any archived recordings with library staff.


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