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Guideline 628 - Library Guidelines for Timesheet Completion (Classified and Non-Exempt Staff)


Timesheets constitute important documentation of hours worked and grounds for payment by the State. As such, timesheets must accurately represent hours worked, leave taken, etc. The signatures of employee and supervisor on the completed timesheet constitute verification that the hours reported are accurate and complete.

At the end of the pay period covered by a timesheet, the employee should sign and date the timesheet no earlier than the last day worked on that timesheet. The approving supervisor afterwards checks, signs, and dates the timesheet and forwards it directly (i.e., without the employee having access to the timesheet again) to the Library Administrative Office as soon as possible (most preferably on the Monday immediately after the pay period.)

Timesheets must be completed and signed in ink without use of correction fluid ("white-out"). Because of emergencies, sick or annual leaves, etc., hours actually worked will diverge sometimes from established work schedules. Therefore, time worked and leave taken should be recorded day-by-day on the timesheets. Corrections to hours recorded on the timesheet must be held to a minimum and neatly made by strike-over and initialed by the employee.

On timesheets, record Time in hours and minutes, not hours and fractions or decimals.


After recording starting ("time in") and ending ("time out") of the work shift, enter the total hours and minutes worked for the particular date in the space provided. Include any overtime hours worked. At the conclusion of each week, enter the total hours worked for the week in the space provided. Check all addition to make sure that the total hours worked plus the hours of leave taken cumulate properly to the established workweek unless authorized overtime has been worked (see below).

If for some reason (most likely leave) you interrupt a scheduled workday or shift to leave work for a period of time longer than your ordinarily scheduled lunch or dinner period, carefully note the hours worked. For example, for an employee ordinarily working 8 hours per day:

Time In 8:30 -
Time Out 1:30 -
Hours Worked 6:50  (**Only Total should be in Decimals)
Leave Taken 1:50

When in doubt, staff should consult their supervisor and clarify any complexities with a note in the Comments section of the timesheet.


Hours worked in excess of the established work schedule may constitute an unanticipated financial obligation on the part of the University and State. Therefore, non-exempt classified staff cannot work more hours than their scheduled work week unless explicitly authorized in advance by the Library Director or designated supervisors.

Hours worked must be recorded as worked in Section I of the timesheet. Hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a workweek are paid at time and one half ("premium overtime") in accord with applicable overtime laws.


Compensatory time ("comp time") is time worked in excess of the established workweek which is not paid as cash overtime, but is taken off as paid leave in a subsequent week or pay period. Accrual of compensatory time by staff in a non-exempt employment group requires explicit advance authorization in writing from both the Library Director and the UMBC Director of Human Resources. Such approval, if granted, is for specific limited instances and should be regarded as extra-ordinary. The employee must voluntarily agree to forgo cash overtime payment and elect to earn compensatory time.

Approved compensatory time will be accrued in 15 minute increments and must be credited at straight rate for hours up to 40 hours total worked in a week and at time-and-one-half for hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a week as stipulated by the UMS Personnel Policies and Rules for Classified Employees and the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Hours of comp time must be clearly shown as worked in Section I of the timesheet. Furthermore, in the space designated on the timesheet for "Comments," the employee must clearly note the amount of approved comp time earned, for example "3 hours comp time earned 2/19." Hours of comp time approved and earned earlier which are then taken as paid leave must be requested using a leave request form and then shown as taken on the timesheet in the blocks provided for "other leave taken" (code: CMU).

Earnings and use of approved comp time will be tracked by Library administrative staff.


Shift differential is earned in accordance with provisions of the UMS Personnel Policies and Rules for Classified Staff. Classified staff beginning a scheduled work shift after 2:00 PM should record as usual all the hours worked in the space provided, and also enter these hours in the space provided for shift differential on the timesheet. Record the length of shift worked in hours and tenths (i.e., 7.5 not 7:30).


If you complete a shift and after leaving work are recalled to work, carefully monitor both travel time and time spent at work. Then immediately consult Library administrative staff concerning the proper completion of the timesheet in accordance with the UMS Personnel Policies and Rules for Classified Employees.


State, University of Maryland, and UMBC policies govern earning and use of various types of paid and unpaid leave. University and UMBC policies and procedures track leave balances and use of leave. The.

following specific guidelines are followed in the Library to facilitate accurate record-keeping, maintenance of leave balances, and to ensure continued audit compliance in this important area

Hours of leave taken which are reported on timesheets must correspond to leave request forms submitted previously and approved by the supervisor and Library Director or designee, and, as appropriate, be supported by documents (e.g., jury attendance certificate).

Leave taken is reported in hours and minutes for the relevant date on the lower half of the timesheet, entered in its appropriate row/category and coded if necessary (for example: familial sick leave code: SKF, leave without pay code: LWP, or holiday leave code: HOL).

Note that staff employed through non-permanent (temporary or if-and-when-needed) appointment are not eligible for paid leave and should not enter any hours in the "leave taken" section of the timesheet.

References: UMS Personnel Policies and Rules for Classified Staff
UMSA Internal Audit Report, 2/7/90

guidelines revised 4/17/91, 7/29/92, 8/7/12

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