Working Fund (FAQ)

Reasons for Form:

A working fund is available to the campus for direct payment of vendors when specific circumstances exist. This fund can also be used for travel advances in accordance with current policy when the balance in the fund is sufficient. Each Working Fund request is reviewed to ensure that it cannot be paid by another method (i.e. – procurement card, regular accounts payable cycle, etc). Working Fund requests will not be approved if they can be handled by any other method. All Working Fund requests are subject to rejection or delay if current funds are insufficient to meet all demands on the fund. For this reason, it is important to submit payment requests as early as possible. Payments made through the Working Fund require the same level of documentation from your vendor as would be required if paid by the regular accounts payable cycle. All Working Fund payments are subject to the same State of Maryland accounting rules and regulations. Please contact the Working Fund Custodian for further information regarding Working Fund policies and procedures.


First, the web form link begins with the individual (you) where you will fill out the information asked in the web form. 

Second, you will be redirected to the document where you will fill out the remaining required information.

Third, once completed the form will be sent to the Accounting Office to review and sign for approval.

Resources needed to fill out the form: 

  • Department

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