Project Request

  • Purpose

    • This is a non-sponsored Project Request in which the requestor must explain the purpose of the project as well as expected amount of funds from sources.

  • Workflow

    • Requestor→Person Managing Project→Department Chair/Director→Dean or appropriate VP

  • How to fill out the form

    • The requestor must first indicate whether they are submitting the request on behalf of someone else who will be the project manager (in which case they must fill in the project manager’s name and email), or if they will be managing the project themselves (in which case the role of Person Managing Project will be combined with the Requestor role).

    • Next, the requestor must select the department, and fill in the Department Chair/Director and Dean or appropriate VP fields.

    • Click next to transfer the form to DocuSign, where the remaining information will be entered. The requestor must fill out the form in regards to the purpose of the project, termination date, total income, total expenses and overhead. The form will then be reviewed by Department Chair/Director, Dean (or appropriate VP), and the person managing the project (if separate from the requestor) for approval.