Non Standard Program Approval/Administrative Arrangements


The department of Enrollment Management and Financial Services oversees accounting for non standard programs and administrative arrangements.

DocuSign  is used for request initiators to initiate requests for non standard program approvals and administrative arrangements.

UMBC will occasionally authorize programs and partnerships that may not be consistent with standard tuition/administrative business processes. A non-standard program approval request should demonstrate sufficient financial return or other benefit to UMBC to justify the impact on student services and other administrative offices. This request, along with a budget proposal and any required supporting documents, must be submitted for approval before a grant proposal is submitted and at least five months before the program start date.

Overall Process:

Initiators are to submit all completed documents to Financial Services through the DocuSign system.  The form's initiator submits the completed form for departmental approval, which is automatically sent via workflow to the approvers for electronic signature. 

When the preparer enters into the DocuSign System (to enter click here), he/she will be prompted to fill out a form of preliminary information that will prepopulate the fields of the DocuSign form.