How do I use my Personal Directory on my Cisco VOIP phone?

To Use your Personal Directory on your Cisco VOIP Phone:

  1. On your Cisco VOIP phone, press the button that looks like a book. 

  2. Enter your UserID (for UMBC users, use your UMBC "username" and for non-UMBC users use your email address) and the phone PIN (not your voicemail passcode). If you need to set up your phone's PIN, follow the steps in this wiki:  Creating a PIN for Your Personal Directory.

  3. Select Personal Address Book in the Personal Directory screen.

  4. Press Submit to view the list or enter a search term to perform a search for a contact. 

NOTE:  Each user has one phone contact list for all their phones.  If you access your Personal Directory on a shared VOIP phone, anyone can use your Personal Directory until you logout of your Personal Directory on that phone.  For shared phones, one person can manage the Personal Directory to share, but the settings are in that person's account and cannot be accessed by other users.  This can be a problem if the person leaves UMBC.