If you have an expiring or expired NVivo license, please follow the renew an expired license instructions below.

For NVivo 12, if you experience a permissions issue in macOS, please follow these instructions.


NVivo is software that supports qualitative and mixed methods research. It’s designed to help you organize, analyze and find insights in unstructured, or qualitative data like: interviews, open-ended survey responses, articles, social media and web content.


Faculty/Staff/Graduate Students for academic use.

System Requirements

Select the version of NVivo in the NVivo Technical Resource Center to see the appropriate system requirements and other helpful information.

License Type  

This is a stand-alone license type.

Install Instructions

  1. To obtain the license key and installer for the version of NVivo that you want, please go here.

  2. Using the license key and installer from step 1, follow the installation and activation instructions below for the version of NVivo you downloaded:

    1. NVivo 12: Mac or Windows install/activation instructions.

    2. NVivo 14: Click the installer you downloaded in step 1 and follow the remaining onscreen instructions to complete the installation. When you first open NVivo 14 after the installation completes, select provide enterprise key to activate, type in the license key from step 1, and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the activation.

Renew an expired license

If you a need to renew the license (or remove/replace an existing license), please follow these instructions:

1. Open NVivo. In the File menu, open Help > Manage License.
2. Click Replace License.
3. Enter the new license key and click OK to activate the new license.


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