If you have an expiring or expired Stata license, please follow the update license instructions below.


Stata is a statistical software package for data analysis, data management, and graphics.


Faculty, Staff, and Students


Stata MP 

System Requirements

Compatible Operating Systems

Hardware Requirements

License Type

This is a stand-alone license.

Install Instructions

  1. Download Stata.

  2. Install Stata by following the Mac or Windows install instructions. NOTE: Make sure to select StataMP in step 4 of the instructions. If you don't, Stata won't work.

  3. Using the license information from this page, follow the Mac or Windows license instructions to license Stata.

Update license

The instructions below are a simplified version of Stata's official How to change license information instructions that you can also reference.

  1. Open Stata and go to Help --> About Stata --> Update license… --> Enter new license 

  2. Replace the existing license information with the new license information, click Next, and then click Finish.

  3. Close Stata.

  4. Open Stata and it should now have the new license.


Stata FAQ

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