How do I download the Blackboard Learn mobile app and log in?


The Blackboard Learn app is a single application for both students and instructors.

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  1. Visit the appropriate application store for your device: App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android, or Microsoft Store for Windows.

  2. Search for "Blackboard" or use the direct links provided below.

  3. Download and install.

Follow the instructions in this FAQ for locating UMBC inside Blackboard's mobile apps and logging in.

Install app and log in

Use these steps to download and install the Blackboard Learn app.

  1. From your tablet or phone, access the appropriate app store.

    Download to your Apple® device

    Download to your Android™ device

  2. If necessary, search for Blackboard.

  3. Install the Blackboard Learn app on your mobile device.

  4. Open the Blackboard Learn app and search for "UMBC." See How do I find UMBC inside the Blackboard Learn mobile app? for more details.

  5. Log in with your Blackboard Learn username and password. These are typically the same credentials you use to access your Blackboard courses on a computer.