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General Questions

How can I locate a student's campus ID number?

There are two ways to get a student's campus ID number to use for searching for a student in SA. 

1.  Ask the student for his campus ID, which is located on their campus ID card.

2. Use the Lookup Person feature on the Faculty Center of SA.  Click here for the quick reference guide on steps to using Lookup Person. 

Will Student Administration check prerequisites for classes when a student registers for a class?

For Summer and Fall 2009 registration, the system will not check prerequisites during the registration process. Prerequisite checking will be implemented in November 2009 for Spring 2010 registration for departments wishing to enforce prerequisite checking during the registration process.

How does a student get into a class in which they do not meet the prerequisites?

If a student cannot enroll in a class because they do not meet the pre or co-requisites of a class, students will need to obtain an permission number to enroll in the class. Instructors or department administrators will need to grant an class exception being sure to select the checkbox "Requisites Not Met."

Click here to view the quick reference guide for granting class exceptions.

Will our access rights remain the same in SA as we have in the legacy system? Do we have to do anything to transfer the security to SA, or will it happen automatically?

Yes, you will have the ability to perform the same tasks in SA as you were able to perform in the legacy systems, i.e. grant advising clearances, permission only and closed course permissions, etc.

What is the difference between ID and Campus ID?

The Campus ID (two letters followed by five numbers) is a unique identifier assigned to each student, faculty and staff when they arrived on campus. It can be found on the front of their campus card or in the Personal Menu in myUMBC. Members of the campus community are expected to know or have access to their Campus ID when conducting daily business at UMBC.

In contrast, the ID or EMPLID (employee ID) is a number assigned to each person by SA. Students will not be required or expected to know their EMPLID to conduct daily business at UMBC.

Can we search for multiple students?

No, in SA you can only search for one student at a time.

Do search results only display actively enrolled students? What happens if I search for a returning student that hasn't taken a class in the last few years?

If the returning student has enrolled at UMBC within the last three years, they will display in the search results and their records will be accessible via SA. If the student's last enrollment was prior to three years ago, their records will not be immediately available in SA and thus will not display in the search results. Returning students should be directed to the respective admissions office for readmissions to the university.

Is there a way to look up students by their username?

Yes and no. SA does not perform searches by Username. However, you are able to locate a student's campus ID number by searching by Username in the Lookup Person link on the Faculty and Staff Center in myUMBC. The Lookup Person link can be found under Administrative Systems on the Faculty and Staff Centers in myUMBC. The campus ID is the identifier that all students and faculty should use to conduct all business with the university, not just within SA. However, we recognize that some may still rely on the Username to identify students; therefore, the campus ID lookup mentioned above was created until a full transition to the Campus ID has taken place.

I noticed that my class section number has changed from 103 to 03. Why?

With the implementation of SA, the Registrar's office has suggested that departments begin to code section numbers sequentially beginning with the number 01. Section numbers should be a minimum of two digits in length to avoid confusion in the display of sections to students.

What should a student do to indicate they are taking a Leave of Absence (LOA)?

The process for getting approval for a Leave of Absence has not changed, only the way it will be recorded in SA. While the exact entry into the system is still being decided, LOA's will be recorded at the end of the schedule adjustment period.  Students will not need to "register" for a course to indicate LOA, but the process will operate behind the scenes to record who is on LOA.

Where can I go to get help if I need it during registration?

If you can't find the answer to your question in these FAQs, contact the offices you have in the past for assistance related to advising, registration ,and academic records. The following table will help you decide which office to contact. 

Office of Academic and Pre-Professional Advising

Office of the Registrar

•Academic advising for undecided and pre-professional
students (and clearance for registration)
• Advising on general education and university requirements
• Responding to general academic questions for students of any major
• Information regarding professional school application protocols
• Reviewing requests to enroll in excess credits
• Help regarding the major selection process
• Conducting workshops on study skills, choice of major, etc.
• Conducting advising at orientation for new students
• Advising students experiencing academic difficulty

• (NEW) Degree Audit troubleshooting
• Evaluating transfer credits
• Evaluating AP, IB , CLEP exam credit
• Maintaining official UMBC transcripts
• Troubleshooting any issues related to registration
• Posting the schedule of classes each semester
• Inter‐institutional Enrollment
• Verifying full‐time status
• Withdrawing from the university
• Processing verification of transferability forms and residency waivers
• Working with faculty on posting grades and processing grade changes
• Processing declaration of major forms
• Reviewing graduation applications

Phone: 410‐455‐2729
Email: arc@umbc.edu
Location: Academic Services Building

Phone: 410‐455‐3158
Email: records@umbc.edu (general)
degreeaudit@umbc.edu (degree audit)
*Include student's Campus ID in correspondence

Location: Academic Services Building

For technical problems (i.e. difficulties logging into myUMBC, forgetting a password, etc.), contact the Helpdesk at 410‐455‐3838.