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Class Exceptions

What is a Permission ID and how is it used?

In order to grant a class exception, you must generate a Permission ID. A Permission ID is a unique number that you must give to a student in order for them to register for a class that is closed, a class for which they do not meet the required prerequisites, or if they are an undergraduate wanting to enroll in a graduate level class. Permission IDs are generated by whoever is providing the permission, and is issued to the student.

How many times can a permission number be used?

Permission numbers can only be used once.

If a student drops a class after using a permission number, then decides that they want to reenroll in the class, can they use the same permission number?

No, once a number has been used it is no longer valid.

If the student loses their number, how can they find out what it was?

The student must contact the department or the instructor to identify which number was assigned to them. The department or instructor should be able to identify which number was assigned to each student by looking in the comments field for the ID number. It is recommended that when an ID number is issued to a student, the student's name is identified via the comments field.

Is there an autocheck function to make sure that the student to whom the number was issued is the one actually using it (i.e. no "black market" exceptions)?

It is up to the instructor/department to check their class roster and determine if the student to whom they gave an exception is on their roster. You can also open the Class Permissions for the class and view which student has used which exception.

What is the procedure if the wrong person uses the permission number to get into the class?

This type of situation is covered under our existing academic misconduct policy. The process for what happens when a student misuses a permission number is still being addressed. However, if you find that this situation has occurred, contact the Registrar's Office and make them aware of the situation.

How do I provide a permission to a student who has a time conflict with another class?

Time conflict overrides can only be processed by the Registrar's Office. The process is the same as it was, in that, the instructor needs to send an email to records@umbc.edu to request time conflict override. The difference is that in SIS, the Registrar's Office would put in the override and the student could register. Now, the Registrar's Office will have to register the student.