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Faculty FAQ

Teaching Schedule, Viewing Rosters, and Waitlists

How can I download a copy of my class roster to Excel?

After opening your class roster, click on the download icon (which looks like a miniature spreadsheet) on the top of the column header of the roster.  For instructions on how to use this feature, click here.

Does the roster include each student's major?

Yes, the roster will include the student's academic plan, or major.

Can the class information (class capacity, instructor, etc) be changed by the schedule coordinator?

Yes, but they must be careful that their changes don't conflict with the room capacity. If this happens, they will need to work with the Office of the Registrar to get a new room.

I teach a crosslisted class. How can I view the class roster for this class?

First, you must be assigned as the instructor for both classes in order to see the rosters. If you do not see the classes listed in your teaching schedule, contact your scheduling coordinator to add you as an instructor to the class. Second, you must open the roster for each combined class to view the complete roster for the class. Class rosters are unable to be merged for cross‐listed, or combined, classes.

Often I need to pull up a roster for a class I am not teaching, e.g. for an adjunct professor that doesn't have access to view the roster, is there a way to do that in SA?

Chairs and other designated faculty and departmental staff will have access to all of the department's or college's class rosters through the administrative view of SA.

Is there a way to prioritize the waitlist?

No, waitlists are on a first‐come, first‐served basis.

Is there a limit to the number of classes for which a student can put themselves on a waitlist?

There is a 10 credit waitlist limit.

Can students put themselves on the waitlist for more than one section of a course?

Students can put themselves on the waitlist for more than one section of a class. They will be enrolled in the first class that becomes available, and that does not conflict with their existing class schedule. Please note that students are allowed to waitlist for up to 10 credit hours a semester. If they put themselves on more than one waitlist for the same class, each waitlist counts towards their 10 hour total.

When does the waitlist auto enroll function end?

Auto‐enroll from waitlist will end on the 5th business day of classes. At that point the waitlist will be purged by the Registrar's office. Departments needed a list of students on the waitlists for their classes should contact the Registrar's Office for those lists.

If there are two people left on the waitlist and I want to let them in, but the class is full, what should I do?

If your room can accommodate them, you can grant them an exception. The student will have to drop themselves from the waitlist, and add the class and use the Permission ID number during the registration process.

In SA, the waitlist will auto-enroll students on it. However, if we want to selectively choose who gets in from the waitlist, how do we do that?

The waitlist feature is optional. If you would prefer to use another method for identifying who should be added to your class, you should not have a waitlist for your class and instead use the Class Permission Exception feature.

Does the system prompt a student to put themselves on the waitlist if a class is full?

No, the student is not prompted to add themselves to a waitlist. During the class search procedure, the student must select if they want to view classes that are in waitlist status. If they say yes, they have the ability to register for classes that only have seats available in a waitlist staus.

How will students know if they have been moved from a waitlist into a class?

The students will receive an email via their umbc email account notifying them that they have been enrolled into a class.

Do students see their position on the waitlist?


What if you don't want your waitlist to autoenroll?

This is not an option. You can have a waitlist with auto‐enroll, or opt to not have a waitlist at all.