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Transfer Credit Report

What information can I see on the Transfer Credit Report?

The Transfer credit report includes both course and test transfer credits. The course transfer information includes courses that have been reviewed and processed through the Registrar's office.

Currently we see both transfer courses that have and have not been accepted. In SA, will we still be able to see all of the transfer courses so we can make decisions based on their degree?

Yes, the transfer credit report will include all coursework taken at another institution that the student has reported to UMBC via official college transcript(s). In the Status column of the report, there will be a status of either Posted or Not Transferable.

• If the status of "Posted" appears, it means that the university has accepted the transfer credits. It will also display the equivalent course   at UMBC (if a direct equivalency exists), and the grade for the course. All transfer credit courses will have a T listed after the grade.

• If the status of "Not Transferable" appears, it means that they university did not accept the transfer credit. 

In the case of coursework transferring from a two year school, will more than 60 credits be shown on the Transfer Credit Report? And for students transferring coursework totaling over the 90 credit limit, will the report show everything?

For Fall 2009 students and those entering UMBC on‐forward, all course equivalents will show on the Transfer Credit Report regardless of the maximum allowable number of credits accepted by the university. The student's transcript will specify that only 60 or 90 of these credits have been applied to their UMBC record.

The Degree Audit tool will select the best 60 or 90 credits according to the student's academic plan and general education requirements. If the student changes their plan or general education package, the system will repopulate the best 60 or 90 credits into their Degree Audit.

Converted student data will still have to be modified, since their transfer reports reflect those constructed in our old system. In this event, we will use the same business process of requiring a Modification of Transfer Credit form to adjust the student's record. These forms are still available online on the Registrar's website and will need to be submitted to the Office of the Registrar for processing.