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Faculty FAQ

Grade Rosters in SA

I'm scheduled to travel out of the country as soon as my class ends. What do I do?

Student Administration provides for the ability to enter grades online from any computer that has an internet access.

What should I do if I just can't submit my grades by the deadline date?   

Contact the registrar's office prior to the end of the grading period to make arrangements.  If grades are not entered prior to the end of the grading period, all students on the roster will receive an NG as their class grade, which indicates that no grade was reported.  If this happens, you must submit a change of grade form for the students in your class.

What happens if I have a student on my roster that never came to class and now they are on my grade roster?  

Students who do not complete any assignments for your class should be graded appropriately.  Blank grades cannot be submitted. 

Can I give my grades to someone else in my department and request that they submit them for me?

If you are unable to submit your grades, contact your Department Chair and the registrar's office to make arrangements for your grades to be entered.  Non-faculty are not permitted to enter or submit grades.

The program director wants to view compiled grades from multiple courses in a given semester. Can s/he do that through online grading?

Grade rosters accessed via the Teaching Schedule link in the Faculty Center can only be viewed and accessed by the instructor for the class.  Department administrators can view the class rosters and grade rosters for each class within their department by accessing Student Administration.  The steps for viewing the class rosters and grades for classes that you are not teaching can be found in the quick reference guides on the Department Administrator's page.  Click here to go to the Department Administrator's page. 

Do you have to use the drop down menu to enter the grade?

Grades can be entered within the grade roster by selecting the grade from the drop down menu, or by selecting multiple students to receive the same grade and using the 'add this grade to all selected students' button.

At what point do I change the approval status to "Approved"?

After all of the students on your class roster have received a grade, you can change the status from "Ready to Review" to "Approved".  You must hit the Save button after changing your status to Approved in order for your changes to be saved.   The status of your roster MUST be set to "Approved" by the published deadline date in order for the Registrar's office to Post your grades.

I have been trying to change my approval status, and it is not letting me change the status from 'Ready to Review'.  What can I do?

You must enter grades for all students on your class roster before you are able to change your class approval status.   Don't forget to hit the Save button when finish making changes to your grade roster to save your changes. 

If I have Grade Only access and accidentally set the Approval Status to Ready for Review before I'm done entering grades, is there any way to undo it?

If you have selected Ready for Review, but have not clicked the save button, you can exit out of the page without saving. When you reopen the roster it will return to the Not Reviewed status. If you have saved your changes, only the Approved grader will be able to modify the roster.

If I was set to Grade Only and I am the Primary Instructor, can my approval access be changed?

Yes, your department Scheduling Coordinator can change your instructor grade status.

If I am an instructor for an independent study class where the students selected my name from a list of instructors, will I receive my own grade roster for the class? 

Yes, each instructor will receive a grade roster that reflects the students from their class roster.

If two students have the same name, how can we tell which student is which in the system?

 You can look at their major, class standing, EMPLID and if all else fails click on their hyperlinked names as if to e-mail them and pull their username from that e-mail.

Will department Chairs have access to enter grades for adjunct professors?

 No, to insure the integrity of the grades, only the Instructor of record will have access to enter them.

Can Blackboard grades be electronically added to the grade roster in SA?

Not at this time. The ability to electronically enter grades from SA into Black Board is being looked at.

Can we export our Grade Rosters to excel?

Yes, simply click on the graph icon found at the top right of your grade roster.

Where are grades posted for the student?

Students can access their grades by clicking on the Student Grades link under Classes and Grades in myUMBC.

Can you add comments to a student's grade?

No, you can only enter grades.

How can staff get copies of the grade roster?

The instructor can either print out a copy using the printer friendly version feature or export the roster into an excel spreadsheet and e-mail it.

Can staff be added as an instructor to view rosters?

No, in order to insure the integrity of the grades, only the instructor of record can have access to the grade roster. The registrar's office is looking into creating a report that would allow chairs to view the grade roster information. In addition, department administrators will have view-only access to grade rosters for their department.

Can the primary instructor still edit grades after they have been set to Ready for Review?


Can I import grades into SA from Excel?