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FAQs for Scheduling Coordinators

 Schedule of Classes

Q.Will I receive a scheduling report from the Registrar's Office?

A. No. You will no longer receive a scheduling report from the Registrar's Office. The Summer/Fall '09 term and beyond has been rolled over in SA.  You will need to run the Print Schedule Report within SA to get information about what was entered and you will need to make the appropriate edits for the upcoming schedule. 

Q. What report can I run to see the schedule of classes information?

A. "Print Schedule Report"    Navigate to Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Print Schedule Report

Q. When can I begin to enter the Schedule of Classes for my Department?

A.  The production system will be open on November 30, 2009 for the Summer/Fall 2010 term.  You must have Schedule of Classes training to gain access to the schedule of classes in SA.

Q. When must I have all schedule information input in SA for Winter/Spring '10?

A. The deadline for Schedule entry for Winter is September 4th, 2009.  The deadline for Spring '10 classes to be updated in SA is October 4th, 2009.

Q. Who do I contact if I notice information is incorrect in the Course Catalog?

A.  Contact the Registrar's office if you notice there is incorrect information in the Course Catalog?

Q. Who do I contact if I need help with Summer 2010 courses? (course proposals and/or building summer schedules)


Q. How do Special Topics being offered this term get into SA?

A. Contact the Registrar's Office with a list of the special topics for each class your department will be offering for the term.  The Registrar's Office will enter those topics into SA.  When you go to schedule the sections of the Special Topics courses, you will be able to pick from the Class Topic lookup.  Basic Data Tab >  Class Topic > Course Topic ID lookup.

Q. Does the Mtg Start and Mtg End time fields automatically compensate for the different time requirements for 4-credit courses?

A. No.  You will need to manually adjust the Meeting times to accommodate the hours requirements for 4-credit courses.

Q. Can I access SA from home?

A. Faculty, Staff and Students can access SA from home, (or anywhere else where they have access to the internet), using one of the approved, tested or recommended browsers. You do not need to log into the VPN, just log into MyUMBC.

Q. My department has Prerequisite checking set up. Does it affect how I set up my classes?

A. YES. If you have prerequisites setup for your department it will affect how you set up your classes in SA.  Scheduling Coordinators should make sure the following changes have been made to those classes in which prerequisites are configured.  1) On the Basic Data Tab, uncheck the box "Student Specific Permissions." 2) On the Enrollment Control Tab, the Add Consent field should be set to "No Consent."

Q. How do I know if my department has Prerequisites set up?

A. Check with your Department Chair.

Student Financials

Q. Are we going to be using Legacy and Student Administration (SA) simultaneously?

A. We will transition from Legacy to SA in various phases. We will be completely operating business in PS from Summer of 2009. Student Financials module will go live in April of 2009. Therefore, your Summer 2009 data should be residing in PS and you will be using SA for on going activities. However, you may need to refer to your Legacy System to research old data. Student Financials will convert only "account balances" from Legacy System and not "account details".

Q. How many times in a month are we going to "Cross Over" Registration and FA data into SA?

A. "Cross Over" is important Legacy Terminology, but is absolutely obsolete in SA. SA is an Integrated System and all modules will share information in real time. There will be no Cross Over. You will find students' financial information as soon as there is some financial or enrollment activities.

Q. How soon may we view students' Financial Aid information in students' accounts?

A. Financial Aid Office creates a file as soon as they disburse funds to students' accounts. Student Financials department is responsible to retrieve the file and upload. As soon as this process is complete, students and employees with granted security access may view students' FA data on students' accounts.

Q. Will students, staff and faculty members be billed for Parking Hangers, Gate Cards or Parking Violations from this new SA System?

A. No. All Motor Vehicle related issues would be handled by the Parking Services. UMBC is in the process of contracting with T2 Systems Inc. and will implement a new parking solutions system, which will take care of all MVA related needs. T2 will communicate with SA to get bio demo information for its customers and for processing payments received by T2 system.

Q.  Are we going to continue to use Off-Campus Billing module to bill for various tuition and fees?

A. The need to bill for tuition and fees through Off Campus billing will be greatly reduced. Most of the billing will be automatically done through SA System. However, there may be some rare exceptions.

Q.  Are we going to continue to use 3rd Party Billing Module in Finance Instance?

A. No, 3rd Party Billing will go away but a similar process will exist in SA. The term 3rd Party will be replaced by "External Org." in SA.

Financial Aid

Q. How will accessing information be different in Student Administration (SA)?

A. Once we begin working in SA we will no longer need to log into 3 different systems.  All Admissions, Registration and Student Financials information will be in the same system as Financial Aid.

Q. How will posting aid to a student's account change in SA?

A. Student's tuition will be calculated as soon as the student registers for classes.  They will be able to view their account information immediately.  Financial Aid will continue to send money to Student Financials once a week.  Financial Aid will authorize funds for students and Student Financials will post the funds to the students account.

Q. What type of training will be available prior to the implementation of the Financial Aid module in SA?

A.  Proper training will be provided for all staff just prior to the implementation of the Financial Aid module.  Both instructor-led training and training documentation will available toward the end of the 2008 calendar year.