How do I open a Slido Poll in a Webex Meeting?

You must be the Host of a meeting in order to use Slido.

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  1. Open a Webex Meeting in which you are the Host and select Apps on the bottom right corner of the Webex window. 

  2. Select Slido from the list of apps. 

  3. When Slido opens, you can create polls on the fly or select an existing Slido event you have set up at To select a Slido event you have already created, click the hamburger Menu icon in the left corner. 

  4. From the menu, select Switch Event and choose the event you have created from the list that appears. This will open the questions you pre-loaded at


  5. To start poll questions, click Play on the first question.

  6. Once your Slido event is started, the controls at the bottom of the Slido window do the following:
    Previous - Go back to the previous poll
    Deactivate Polling - Stops entire Slido event
    Lock Polling - Lock new responses from attendees; click again to Unlock
    Hide Results - Hide results of the poll from attendees; click again to Show
    Next Poll - Progress to next poll question