How do I install Adobe apps in Windows?

Adobe Creative Cloud logo, which is a red cloud.
Adobe Creative Cloud

Installing Adobe apps from the Creative Cloud desktop app

These install instructions are for UMBC owned devices only. Please save and close any work you may have open before starting the installation. For license and installation issues, please refer to the Fixes for basic Adobe Creative Cloud issues guide.

Adobe requires Windows ARM machines to have Visual C++ Redistributable installed. 

  1. Download the correct installer for your Windows system (Windows or Windows ARM). Windows ARM systems will display having an ARM processor in the Processor category of the System Settings window. NOTE: Adobe requires Windows ARM machines to have Visual C++ Redistributable installed. 

  2. Right-click on the file you downloaded and select Extract All to unpack the installation files.

  3. When the extraction completes, open the folder that was created and double-click on the InstallCC batch file to begin the installation.

  4. A command prompt and and an installation window will appear as it installs. The installation may take several minutes to complete.

  5. Click OK to complete the installation.

  6. Open and sign in to the Creative Cloud desktop app. NOTE: When you open the Creative Cloud Desktop app for the first time, it may automatically close and re-open. That is because it is likely updating.

  7. In the All apps page that automatically appears, choose the Adobe desktop apps you want to install from the listed apps under Available in your plan. If for some reason you don't see the All apps page, click the Apps tab located at the top left corner, click All apps, and then click the Desktop heading to see the available Adobe desktop apps.