What Features are Supported in the VOIP Self Care Portal?

If off campus, you first need to connect to VPN before proceeding further.

  • Log into the Cisco Self-Care Portal with your UMBC username and password by visiting: http://phone-portal.umbc.edu/. If you do not have a UMBC username and password, you can request a "Self-Care Portal username" and password by clicking on "REQUEST HELP" on the side of this page.

The VOIP Self Care Portal can be used to customize your phone line(s) and your phone device(s) if you have been granted access.

Actively Supported Features: 

  • Speed Dials

  • Voicemail Notifications Settings

  • Call History Settings

  • Phone Contacts (Personal Directory)

  • Call Forwarding

  • Language

  • Phone Services Pin

  • Client/Portal Password for non-UMBC accounts

Features Currently Not Supported: 

  • Ring Settings

  • Client/Portal Password for UMBC and UMBC Affilate accounts

  • Display Name

  • Unified CM Assistant Console

  • IM and Availability

  • Conference Now