How do I set up my Personal Directory on my Cisco VOIP phone?



  • Log into the Cisco Self-Care Portal with your UMBC username and password by visiting: If you do not have a UMBC username and password, you can request a "Self-Care Portal username" and password by clicking on "REQUEST HELP" on the side of this page.


Your Personal Directory allows you to store phone numbers for your contacts. From a VOIP phone, you can browse your list of contacts and place calls directly from the Personal Directory without having to type in the number each time.

NOTE:  Each user has one phone contact list for all their phones.  If you access your Personal Directory on a shared VOIP phone, anyone can use your Personal Directory until you logout of your Personal Directory on that phone.  For shared phones, one person can manage the Personal Directory to share, but the settings are in that person's account and cannot be accessed by other users.  This can be a problem if the person leaves UMBC.

To set up your Personal Directory, log into the Cisco Self-Care Portal and follow these steps: 


  1. Click the Phones tab.

  2. Click Phone Settings.

  3. Next, click Phone Contacts.

  4. Click Create New Contact to add a contact to your Personal Directory. 

  5. Complete the fields with the contact information for the contact.

  6. Click OK.