How do I manage my devices in Duo?


1. Log in to a UMBC application that requires WebAuth, for example, myUMBC.

We recommend using a different browser or a private browsing session to perform this step.

2. After you've entered your username and password you will be presented with the Two-Factor Authentication screen. At the bottom, click Other options.

DoIT strongly encourages Duo users to enroll at least one backup authentication device to avoid being locked out of your account should you be without your default device.

While the Landline option may be displayed during setup for students, authentication via a landline phone is only available to Faculty and Staff. Students should not enroll a landline either through the dedicated Landline option or using the Mobile Phone option. Enrolling a landline, as a student, will result in being locked out of your account.


3. Choose the Manage devices option at the bottom of this menu.

4. You will still need to verify your identity to add or remove a device on your account. Choose which method you would like to receive the request.

5. After you have successfully verified your identity, you will be taken to the Device Management portal. From here, you have several options.

  • You may rename a device by clicking the Edit link near the device, then Rename. Type the new name you wish to use in the box provided, and click Rename.

  • You may remove a device by clicking Edit link near the device, then Delete. You cannot undo this action; a device that has been accidentally removed will need to be re-enrolled.

  1. You may enroll another device by clicking Add a device. The process here is the same as How do I enroll my first device with Duo?.

  1. You may change the phone that you are using to authenticate. If you have a different phone number, you will need to click Add a device, as shown above. If you have gotten a new phone, but have the same phone number, click I have a new phone.

  • Click Get started to begin the process.

  1. Make sure you have Duo Mobile installed on your new device. Click Next to get a personalized QR code for enrollment.

  1. From within the Duo Mobile application, click + Add to add a new account, then Use QR code to open a camera. Scan the code that was provided for enrollment. Once successful, your new device is now ready.