How do I track student progress with course content in Blackboard?

Tracking how, when, and what students do with course content may help instructors identify when to take important actions such as reaching out to inactive students about their progress in a course.

Original courses allow you to track whether learners have met the criteria (the rules) established for various items and if they have looked at items for which you have enabled Review Status. This must be enabled on a per item basis for EACH content item you want to track.

Unlike in Original courses, the Student Progress report does not need to be enabled on a per item basis. It is automatically available in all Ultra courses since Progress Tracking is turned on at the global level. Progress Tracking cannot be turned off in Ultra courses.

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  1. Identify the content item you want to review. Progress tracking is enabled for:

    • Learning Modules & Folders

    • Ultra Documents

    • Uploaded files

    • Links

    • LTI content (third-party tools) with no associated grade

  2. Select the (...) menu and choose Student Progress.

  3. The report will show instructors:

    • Students who have not yet opened content;

    • Students who have opened or started viewing content;

    • Students who have marked the content as complete.

    Instructors may sort by student name or progress status. The report provides instructors with the date and time for when an action occurred (e.g., when a student started viewing content). 

  4. Check a box next to one or more student names and then to send an individual or bulk message with a blind copy to each student.

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