How do I register my device for use with the Residential Wired Network at UMBC?

Registering your computer, game console, or streaming device for use on the Residential Wired Network at UMBC is easy.  First, you will need to find out your device's MAC address; it's a set of numbers like 00:11:22:AA:BB:CC that identifies the device's wired network connection.  Some devices may have the address printed on the back or bottom, and many of them can display the number with a menu option like "About this device" or "System Information".  You will need to register the MAC address of each device that you want to use on the wired residential network.  You don't need to register the wireless MAC address of your devices.  If you have a white Cisco access point box in your room, you don't need to register the MAC address printed on that – just the one for your personally-owned devices.


If you already plugged the device into the network jack, you will need to disconnect and reconnect the network cable after following these instructions.

From a computer or phone connected to the UMBC network (Visitor wireless is fine), visit :

Sign in with your UMBC username and password.  You'll be asked to agree to an acceptable usage policy the first time you sign in to the page.

Here you can add devices to register them, or edit/remove devices that you've already registered.  Click Add.

Here you'll need to enter a name for the device, as well as the Device ID (also known as a MAC Address or Ethernet Address).  The device ID may be printed on a sticker along with your device's serial number, or it may be displayed via a System Information option in the device.  If you can't find the address, you can search online for how to locate it.

Once you enter the Device name and ID and click Submit, the device will be registered.  Plug it into a UMBC Residential Network ethernet port and turn it on; it should come online within 30 seconds.  If you lose or sell the device, be sure to remove it from the registration page, or you will be responsible for whatever it does online.