How and why should I submit an RT ticket request?

Why Use RT?

  • The entire request, including all correspondences, is logged in one place.
  • Your request can easily be transferred to the appropriate person or group on campus.
  • When you email someone for support, you're dependent on that single employee's availability. With a ticket, all available employees in a group are able to assist with your request regardless of who is in or out of the office.
  • Tickets allow us to log and track requests to see trends to proactively improve support.
  • Tickets can be submitted 24/7. No waiting to call during business hours.

Submitting a Ticket

  1. Go to
  2. If you are not logged in, enter your myUMBC username and password when prompted and click Login.
  3. Under the search bar, select the keyword that most closely matches the area of your request.

    You can use the search box to find answers to our most frequently asked questions and more in our FAQs. We recommend checking here first to answer questions as quickly as possible.

  4. After selecting a keyword, you'll be taken to a form to submit a request to the appropriate group.
  5. Fill out all required fields and click Submit to send your request.
  6. You'll receive a copy of your submitted request to your email.

Helpful Tips

  • Please remember that we can only work with the information you provide. If you provide little information, it becomes much harder for us to resolve the issue. More information is always better. Examples of helpful things to include are:
    • Which operating system you are using, e.g. Windows 7 64-bit, Mac OS X 10.9.4
    • Which version of the software you are using, e.g. Microsoft Office 2013
    • The steps you took when you experienced the problem.
    • Any troubleshooting you've already done.
    • Any error messages you received. You can also include a screenshot of the error message in the Attachment field (if available).
  • Always include your contact information so that we can reach you. If the request requires a visit to your office, your location on campus will also be helpful.
  • You can include a college, instructor, or alternate email address to your request by entering it in the Cc: field.