How to Generate a What-If Degree Audit

The following steps detail how to generate a What-If degree audit for students:


1. Go to myUMBC and navigate to Topics > Advising & Student Support > Advising Center.

2. Search for a student using the Empl ID or Campus ID number (The most accurate way to locate a student is to ask for the student's Campus ID number.  If you do not have access to the number, you can search for the student using the PeopleSoft search for the campus ID field.).

3. Ensure the correct Institution, Career and Term fields are entered in the fields provided.

4. Select the What If Report link.

5. Select Create a New Report.

6. The What If Report opens to reveal the requirements that a student has completed or is in progress.

7. Select the Program Scenario to view.  Select the desired Area of Study.

8. Select Submit Request.

The Degree Audit is opened to display how the student's completed and in progress courses fit in the desired Area of Study.