Entering Advising Notes

Before You Begin...

Advising Notes are used to log information that was discussed during an advising appointment.  You are expected to log an advising note each time you meet with a student.  Notes are to be used as a log to benefit the next advisor (or other University official) who may work with this student in the future.  They may also serve as a way for you to remember past interactions you've had with a student and to document important decisions made during your appointments.

Starting March 14th, 2016 students are able to see the advising notes that are created on and after March 14th!  They are unable to see notes entered prior to March 14, 2016.  However, all notes are available to advisors.

To view advising notes after they are entered and saved, you must view Advising History.


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Step by Step

1. Go to myUMBC and navigate to Topics > Advising & Student Support > Advising Center.

2. Search for a student using the Empl ID or Campus ID number (The most accurate way to locate a student is to ask for the student's Campus ID number.  If you do not have access to the number, you can search for the student using the PeopleSoft search for the campus ID field.). 

3. Ensure the correct Institution, Career and Term fields are entered in the fields provided.

4. Click the New Advising Notes link.

5. Select the appropriate Session Type

6. Check one or more of the boxes in the Advising Topics area that appropriately label the purpose of your session.  (The sections will expand based on the Advising Topics that were selected.)

7. Enter Advising Notes in each of the relevant Comments section.

8. Click Save to save the entered comments.


Special Note:


If notes are entered for an advising topic and you uncheck the advising topic checkbox after a note is entered the following warning message appears:



Click NO, to save your comments entered under the Advising Topic. Then click the Save button.

Click YES, the Advising Topic checkbox is no longer checked, any topic sections and comments entered in those sections is removed.

*If after clicking YES, you do not click SAVE, but rather close the Advising Note page, the advising note entered still appears in Advising History.





SA Tip

Once a  note is entered and saved it is part of the student's record and cannot be deleted or edited.  Be careful to only document details relevant to the next advisor who works with the student.  Do not enter subjective comments that may be interpreted in a way other than how you intend.  Remember, if you don't want to see it on a headline, don't write it!