How to Check Student Enrollment Dates

As we all know, the method of authorizing a student to enroll changed last year. Alongside this, there is now also a new method of checking when a student is eligible to actually register in classes once you have cleared them to do so! Follow these easy steps to tell:

  1. Navigate to the Advising Center, and bring up the student's record.

  2. Enter the code for the semester you would like to authorize enrollment or check enrollment dates for (that is, if you are trying to find when a student can enroll in Fall 2023 classes, enter the semester code "2238")

  3. Click the "Student Enrollment Appointments" link (second from the bottom of the Advising Center)

  4. Under "Enrollment Appointments," you will see a "Start Date" -- that's when the student can begin to enroll once authorized ("End Date" is the last day of the add/drop period in the new semester)

That's all! It's one extra click compared to the old system, but this will hopefully help you find the information quickly.

Students, of course, don't have access to the Advising Center. If they would like to find this information on their own, they can do so by going to myUMBC -> Guide -> Registration (under "Activity Guides," on the left-hand menu). That will take them to a step-by-step manual on advising and registration, including their specific date and time of enrollment.