Viewing the Unofficial Transcript

Before You Begin...

The unofficial transcript provides a record of a student’s academic history at the University, including any test or transfer credit a student might have brought into the University. The unofficial transcript provides a semester by semester history of classes a student was enrolled in, as well as GPAs and credits earned.

The unofficial transcript also displays academic standing, semester/university honors, majors, minors, or certificates declared by the student. Once  a student graduates, degrees awarded will also be displayed.

It is important to note that the unofficial transcript should not be used in place of the interactive degree audit when reviewing a student’s progress towards degree completion.


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Step by Step

To view a student’s unofficial transcript, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Advising Center: Guide > Advising & Student Support > Advising Center.

  2. In the Advising Center, enter a student’s EMPL ID, if known, or search for a student by clicking on the looking glass 


  3. Select the *** New: Unofficial Transcript *** link in the 'Advising Links' section. A new page or tab should open. If you have pop-up blocker enabled, make you may see a yellow ribbon at the top of the screen. If using Firefox, select the options button in this ribbon then click on “Allow Pop-Ups…” to enable pop-ups.

  4. On the new page or tab that opens, click the

    button. This may take a few seconds.

  5. The unofficial transcript opens in a new page or tab as a PDF and can be downloaded and saved. Notice the ‘Unofficial’ watermark and ‘UMBC Unofficial Transcript’ heading at the top of the page.



SA Tip

If a student repeats a non-repeatable course, only the course with the highest grade will be used in the calculation of the cumulative GPA; however, all grades earned remain on the permanent record