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The Advising Profile is a great place to ground yourself with critical student information including Campus ID, Academic Major, Placement Test Results, AP Scores, Transfer Credits, Foreign Language Milestones, and other related information.


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Step by Step

1. Go to myUMBC and navigate to Topics > Advising & Student Support > Advising Center.

2. Search for a student using the Empl ID (this is the 10 digit ID number). If you do not have access to the number, you can search for the student using the PeopleSoft search for the campus ID field.

3. Ensure the correct Institution, Career and Term fields are entered in the fields provided.

4. Select the Advising Profile link.  The Advising Profile is opened for the selected student.

5. Select links from the Jump To Section... to view specific details about the selected student (you can all scroll to view the information.)



SA Tip

This is the best place to locate placement test results for Math and English as well as determine if a student meets the foreign language requirement.