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Guideline 404 - Medical Emergencies Not Related to Work

  1. If ambulance is needed:
    Call UMBC Public Safety x 53133 to request ambulance.
    Be sure to convey urgency commensurate with severity of medical condition.

  2. If ambulance is not needed or is refused; do not transport the person yourself. (You would incur
    significant liability to yourself and UMBC.)

    • refer UMBC students to UMBC Student Health Services, which has staff on call around the clock call (UMBC Police for on-call referral #'s).

    • refer visiting, non-UMBC affiliated persons to their own health care provider(s).

    • refer employees to their own health care provider(s) if the injury or illness is not work-related. See guideline 403 for work-related medical procedures. Notify employee's supervisor and Library Director.

NOTE: If the emergency or illness is caused by an injury sustained in the building or while on campus, you must instruct the student or visitor to obtain and complete a "ACORD General Liability Loss Notice" (available from the UMBC Office of Environmental Safety and Health, FM Building, Rm. 105, ext. 5-2918) and return it as soon as possible to the Office of Risk Management, UMBC.

At no time should staff say to an injured party anything to the effect of: "don't worry, the Library/the University/the State will pay for medical treatment." The injured/ill party is responsible for paying their medical expenses. The injured party may file a claim with the State Treasurer's Office. That office may or may not reimburse or cover medical expenses associated with injury to a visitor or student. The State's insurance claims board has disallowed certain claims (e.g., for injuries for which the University bears no apparent fault). Information on How to File a Claim may be obtained from the UMBC Office of Environmental Safety and Health (ext. 5-2918).

Staff should take full notes on the injury, including at least: the date and time of injury, exact place, name of injured, name(s) of any witness(es) (and their contact information, if possible), and apparent nature and extent of injury (use "Incident Report" form which is available at Security Desk). Forward this report to the Library Director as soon as possible.

References: UMBC Office of Environmental Safety and Health web pages:
September, 2006 memo from Robert C. Nielsen

revised 3/17/99, 9/6/06

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