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Guideline 438 - Loss of Other Property


  1. Staff who notice Library equipment, supplies, or financial receipts missing from desks or work areas should immediately report the loss/suspected theft to their supervisor, or, if the supervisor is not available, directly to the Library Business Manager or Library Administrative Offices.

  2. If unable to locate missing property quickly, the supervisor must immediately report the apparent theft/loss of Library property to the campus police (x3133) for further investigation.

  3. The reporting supervisor should obtain a copy of the police investigation report and the provide copies to both the Library Administrative Offices.


  1. The University disclaims responsibility for any personal property lost or stolen.

  2. Nonetheless, staff are encouraged to file a complaint with the campus police (x3133). It is the individual property owner's responsibility to report the loss.

  3. Staff are also encouraged to inform their supervising unit head or Library Administrative Offices of loss/theft of personal items in order to help detect any pattern(s) of losses which might allow correction or improvement to Library security.

references: L. Wilt memo 9/18/91

previously implemented guideline
rewritten 8/6/92; edited 7/30/09

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