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Guideline 450 - Building Access

As outlined in Library guideline 211 the hours of library operation ("open hours") are determined by the Director of the Library who is responsible for issuing updated schedules of hours of operation to the University.

During the hours of operation, any person not otherwise prohibited from the UMBC campus may have free access to all public areas of the Library & Gallery. Use of certain additional areas/services of the Library & Gallery may be limited by other guidelines to certain members of the UMBC community upon production of ID, for example assigned study rooms, or graduate lockers.

When the Library & Gallery are not in operation, only those Library & Gallery staff and Physical Plant staff authorized by established work schedule or the Director may enter or remain (for courtesy exception see below - "opening").


All users must leave the Library & Gallery building at the time of closing. As provided in the UMBC Student Conduct Code  V.F.:

Unauthorized entry into University buildings or facilities during hours when such buildings or facilities are locked or closed to the student body and the public is prohibited. Failure or refusal to leave ... a University facility, when requested by an authorized University official during or after normal operating hours, is prohibited.

Library staff encountering persons who refuse to leave the Library & Gallery at closing should seek the assistance of campus police in removing such persons. Such persons may be subject to disciplinary action, for example, in case of repeat offense or other aggravating circumstances.


Selected staff are required by their established work schedules to enter the Library & Gallery building on their own or be admitted by other Library staff prior to the established hours of operation so they may prepare the building for the hour it opens for public operations. Library users may not enter the Library beyond the Atrium until the opening hour.


During hours of operation, entrance and exit to the Library & Gallery should be limited to the main entrance and loading dock, unless otherwise arranged in advance with the Library Security guard on duty or Library Administrative Offices staff. If routine or emergency maintenance and/or repair require access to secured and alarmed areas in the Library or Gallery, UMBC Physical Plant staff must arrange such access with the Library Security guard on duty. Scheduled projects or repairs requiring Library and/or Gallery access, including external contractor work, should be communicated in advance to the Library Administrative Offices designee.

guideline revised 7/14/03, 8/09/05
guideline written 2/12/92 for immediate implementation
reference Unit Head minutes for 2/10/92

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