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Guideline 420 - Building Maintenance

In order to efficiently maintain the library building and maintain effective working relationships with contractors and the UMBC Physical Plant, insofar as practicable almost all requests for repair and maintenance of the building are made through the Library Administrative Offices. Staff there are responsible for coordinating and negotiating work requests, adherence to University policies and procedures, obtaining budget approval (if required), and tracking work requests to ensure timely completion.

Dangerous Conditions:

Building conditions which present immediate danger to persons or library materials and equipment should be reported immediately to the Library Security Officer on duty. The Security Officer will work with Administrative staff to ensure emergency repair as soon as possible. Examples include: any water leaks; open exterior doors and broken locks; overflowing water fountains, sinks, etc.; broken windows; fires or smoke.

Note that problems with the Special Collections HVAC system should be reported to both Special Collections staff and the Director or alternate. Special Collections staff are to immediately contact Physical Plant directly to arrange for correct or repairs.

Routine or less threatening problems:

These should be reported as soon as possible as follows:

Report broken furniture; missing, damaged, or inoperative equipment; etc., to the unit head or other staff responsible for the affected area or operation. Equipment determined to actually be missing should be reported by the unit head to Administrative Office staff who will coordinate a police report. Irreparable equipment may be discarded only after following correct University inventory procedures with Library Accounting & Receiving staff.

Report routine maintenance needs (lights out, elevators or bathrooms out-of-order, need for cleaning crew attention, air quality or temperature problems, need for hanging of bulletin boards or posters, etc., to Administrative Office staff who will place work orders and track same to completion/resolution.

Requests for special projects:

These should be discussed with the supervising unit head who is responsible for forwarding to the Director or Assistant Director. Examples include request for construction or demolition of walls, installation of electrical outlets, telecommunications work, etc.

For approved special projects, the Director will designate a Library "coordinator of work" who will act as liaison to Physical Plant staff and, if contractually feasible, to contractor(s) involved. Library staff should refer all comments and suggestions about the project to the "coordinator of work"; staff may not discuss scope or progress of works directly with contractors or Physical Plant staff because of procurement/change order considerations.

previously implemented guideline
revised 5/23/91

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