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Guideline 455 - Loss of Keys

Loss of keys to equipment, building doors, etc., may compromise the efficiency and security of operations, collections, etc. The Library Director or designee is responsible for assessing the potential risks presented by any loss of keys and taking corrective actions appropriate to the level of risk (such as having locks re-cored).

Staff issued Library keys are charged to safeguard them at all times to prevent their loss or misuse. In the event keys are lost, staff must report this loss immediately to their supervisor and to the Director of the Library or designee.

In keeping with the practice of some other campus units, especially the Physical Plant, Library & Gallery staff members shall be held financially responsible only for the replacement costs of keys themselves, and not the costs of replacing the lock cores on doors, files, other equipment, etc.

Loss of keys may nevertheless be treated as a disciplinary matter, as might negligent handling of other University property, depending on severity of loss, circumstances, etc.

Staff must return keys immediately upon request or resignation. Failure to do so will result in keys being declared lost and bill for replacement as above.

External contractors, service technicians, or other non-staff to whom Library & Gallery keys are temporarily issued will be held liable for the the current costs of new keys and replacing the lock cores on doors, files, other equipment, etc. , in the event they lose keys.

Students or Faculty/Staff Assigned Locker, Study Room or other Library Keys
Will be charged for replacement costs of keys and locks according to Circulation guidelines and rates in effect at the time of key assignment.

Student Assigned Library Building Keys
Students assigned Library Building keys to complete the duties of their position will be required to sign a Waiver of Responsibility for Library Key(s) (see Appendix A ). Failure to return Library keys upon request or resignation will result in being billed $50.00 per key.

reference: L. Wilt memo dated 23 July 1996 re staff charges

guideline implemented 7/23/96, revised drafted 2/13/01, Lib. Council reviewed 2/21/01, revised 9/12/05

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