How do I view an individual student's progress with course content in Blackboard?

Tracking how, when, and what students do with course content may help instructors identify when to take important actions such as reaching out to inactive students about their progress in a course.

This feature is not available in Original courses.

Progress tracking is automatically available in all Ultra courses when Progress Tracking is turned on at the global level and cannot be turned off. Progress tracking is enabled for Learning Modules & Folders; Ultra Documents; uploaded files; links; and LTI content (third-party tools) with no associated grade.

If you are teaching an Ultra course:

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  1. Go to the Ultra gradebook and select the list view.
  2. Click on the Students tab.

  3. Your roster will appear on the page. You can search for a specific student or sort by:
    • Name
    • Username
    • CampusID (student ID)
    • Last access in your course
  4. Click on the student's name to view all grades.
  5. Click on the Student Progress tab.

  6. Expand a section to open content within a folder or learning module. This allows you to see what the student has accessed, started, or completed.

  7. Click the [X] in the upper left corner of the panel to close it and return to the full list of students.

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