How do I set up my new UMBC Sites Website?

Setting up your Sites Info:

Full-length Sites Training Video:


Follow these 8 easy steps to set up your new website!


Step 1: Log into your website dashboard

Log in to edit your Sites@UMBC website.


Learn how to log into your Sites@UMBC website dashboard at this help article.

Step 2: Find Theme options

From the Sites dashboard, click on the Options menu under Appearance to access the new administration experience.

Navitaging to the Theme Options Admin Page

Step 3: Add location information (optional)


Add your location information on the first tab and save changes.

Users may leverage up to two address lines.

The suggested format is:

Building Name / Location Name


Floor / Office or Suite Number

Note: If you do not enter any location information, this section will not be shown.

Location Information theme admin page

Example of the location admin screen within theme options

Step 4: Add office hours (optional)

Add your office hours on the second tab and save changes.

Users may select from these office hour display options:

  1. Use the pre-built hour option to control open and closing times each day; or 

  2. Use the override that can be customized for setting hours that are more complicated, or that change during summer (this replaces option a, it does not add to it)

  3. Do not display hours at all

Note: If you uncheck "Display hours on page", this section will not be shown.

Example of the office hours admin screen within theme options

Step 5: Add contact information

Add your contact information on the fourth tab and save changes.

Users may leverage options for showing:

  • phone and fax numbers

  • an email address OR a contact page

  • links for myUMBC, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn

Example of contact information admin screen within theme options

Step 6: Configure your homepage

From the homepage tab in the options section configure the following items:

  1. Tell us what page has your homepage content (select that page from the dropdown list)

  2. Do you want to display the title of your homepage on the page itself? 

  3. Add a slideshow to your homepage (optional)

    1. Slides can be added from the WordPress menu → Slideshow

  4. Add an Announcement Banner Message to your Homepage (optional)

  5. Add news and events feeds to show up in the sidebar (optional)

  6. Save your changes.

Example of Homepage admin screen within theme options

Step 7: Theme color

Select a website theme color on the final tab and save changes.

Users may select from:

  • Teal

  • Gold

  • Black

  • Gray

Step 8: Evaluate your website and view Analytics

Now you should view your website in the new theme, so type in the URL in a new tab or browser window. 

You can also view the analytics for your website by visiting this dashboard or clicking the "Analytics" link from your Sites dashboard. 

A few questions to consider:

  • How does your homepage look?

  • How about your menu?

  • Does your new sidebar with location, hours, contact information display as you expected?

  • How do your interior pages look?