How do I create a graded VoiceThread assignment in a Blackboard course?

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The following video was hosted by VoiceThread for UMBC instructors (UMBC login required to access). The video provides an overview of VoiceThread Assignment features.

VoiceThread Assignments Webinar Recording

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Creating a VoiceThread assignment is a multi-step process. See the details below to create your assignment.

  1. Log into Blackboard and access your Blackboard course.  Select the instructions below for adding a VoiceThread link in a Blackboard original or a Blackboard Ultra course.

For Blackboard Original:

  1. Select a content area from your course menu. 

  2. Click on Build Content from the menu.

  3. Select VoiceThread from the menu.

  4. The VoiceThread Setup window will launch.

For Blackboard Ultra:

  1. Select a place where you want the VoiceThread link to appear on your Course Content page.

  2. Click the purple (+) to add content anywhere on the page where you want to place the VoiceThread. This includes inside folders or Learning Modules.

  3. Choose Content Market.

  4. Scroll down the list of available tools to the end where VoiceThread is located.

  5. Select VoiceThread.

  6. The VoiceThread Setup window will launch.

STEP 2: Configure Your Activity

Follow the guidance provided by VoiceThread based on the activity type:

STEP 3: Refresh Blackboard and Edit Your Link

  1. Once you have finished setting up VoiceThread, refresh Blackboard to see the new VoiceThread link appear in your course. Click on the overflow menu (...) on the far right of that VoiceThread link.

  2. Click EDIT to modify the VoiceThread settings in the Ultra course, including the link name and grade book settings.

STEP 4: Wait for Students to Submit

When students go to your assignment, they will see the interface to complete the required work and submit. For details, visit the student resources:

STEP 5: Grade Student Submissions