How do I remove an old Blackboard course from my list?

Only instructors can hide courses.

Students cannot remove or hide a course from their course list. However, if they officially drop a course, they will be disabled in the enrollments and will no longer see the course listed.

Course completion does NOT impact course visibility.

Once Blackboard term expires, about 3-4 weeks after exams are over, students should see the course listed, but may no longer have access unless 1) the instructor has closed the course (e.g., made it unavailable) or marked it complete. However, if an instructor modifies the course properties to change the course end date or to remove it altogether, the course may still appear as current.

Review this FAQ -> What is the difference between course availability and course completion?

 Tell Me

  1. Point to a course card menu.

  2. Select the extended menu (...) to the right of the star.

  3. Select Hide Course.

Activity for hidden courses will no longer appears in the global pages.

  • To show a hidden course again, use the filter above the course list and select Hidden from Me. Then point to a course card menu and select Show Course.