How do I create an email alias?

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An alias is a pointer to your address. This allows you to receive mail at in addition to your regular address.

Please note you can't use an alias to log in to any system.

  1. Log into myUMBC.

  2. Mouseover your name displayed over the Search bar after logging in successfully.

  3. Click Profile.

  4. Click the About located under the Community category.

  5. Click Edit next to Email located under the Campus Info heading.

  6. Enter desired mail alias in Custom Email Addresses section of form.

  7. Click Change Custom Email Addresses button.

  8. To have your new alias shown as your email address to other users, select your alias from the drop down menu under Advertised Email Address.

  9. Click Change Advertised Mail Address to confirm changes.

If you are using UMBC Gmail, don't forget to add this alias as another email address you own so that emails you send also reflect your new alias.