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Guideline 401 - Emergency Procedures (Fire)

Unless we are clearly notified (usually by PA announcement) that Facilities Management staff are maintenance testing the alarms, if building fire alarms sound, all staff and users must evacuate the building immediately.

Staff and library users should leave by the nearest fire exit. All fire exits are clearly marked. Depress panic bar to operate the door.

Do not use elevators.

As you leave, urge users to follow you to the exit.
Note the position of any disabled users who are to wait for emergency personnel assistance in fire stair landings. Inform police or fire department personnel who will evacuate these users.

After getting out of the building, remain by the exit at an appropriate safe distance.

  1. prevent users from removing library materials

  2. await further instructions from fire department or police personnel.

There are special procedures for operation of the Special Collection fire alarm system. Special Collections and Security staff should refer to these procedures. Other staff should simply notify the Special Collections and Security staff upon exiting the Special Collections area.

 If library users or staff members report fire or smoke, but no alarm has sounded, call campus police first, notify your supervisor, and then organize a search for the cause.  Note that the report may be false or erroneous.  Check the reported location of the fire or smoke first, then the entire library. 

 If you see fire or smoke in such a check the first report of it should be to pull a fire alarm pull station.  Following that, use your good judgment to determine whether to try to put out the fire yourself or leave the scene. If there is any doubt about your safety, leave the scene.  Of course, if the fire alarm sounds during such a check, evacuate the building immediately.  Personal safety is the first priority. Report all further developments to the campus police and supervisors. 

 All such incidents must be written up in incident reports. 

references: D. Dietsch 6/91

guideline issued 5/6/91, revised 9/30/97, rev. lw 2/21/11

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