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Guideline 282 - Handling User Complaints of Lost Money

User complaints should be handled as follows:

A. Food and Drink Vending Machines
Explain that the Library is not responsible for these machines. Refer user to the phone number posted on the vending machine in question.

B. Diebold machines (Serials and Circulation)

If you determine that the money lost in a Diebold vending machine was NOT the result of user error:

  1. Complete A Lost Money Form (see example Appendix A


  2. Give the ORIGINAL form to the user and refer him/her to the Campus Card office. Do not promise a refund -- indicate only that the Campus Card staff must investigate and if his/her claim can be substantiated, make suitable restitution.

It may be appropriate to make some notes on the form so that staff at the Campus Card have enough information about the problem to determine a solution. Be careful what you write. Remember the user is carrying this form to the Campus Card office and will be reading the information on the form.

C. For money lost on Campus Cards:

  1. If money is subtracted from a Campus Card and no copy or copies have been received, treat the transaction as a Lost Money transaction. Fill out the Report of Lost Money form and indicate on the form which machine was being used.

  2. Make 1 copy of the Lost Money form. Give the copy to the user and send the original back to Accounting/Receiving in Tech Services. Inform the user that the he/she must bring his/her copy of the form back to the library to receive the refund.

  3. A/R will refund this money through the usual procedures.

D. Handling Refund Claims Presented at Service Desk

  1. Please refer all patrons to Campus Card office for help with refunds to their campus cards.

written 11/6/95
revised 6/24/96; 7/13/09

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