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Guideline 290 - RLC Maintenance Procedures

RLC Maintenance Procedures

Check RLC daily during semesters, 2/week at other times:

1. Check for damage and report to Business Manager.
2. Move Seminar Chairs back into Seminar room. Take most other chairs out of Seminar room, leaving 4 – 6 Jasper chairs along the glass wall.
3. Straighten/neaten furniture and redistribute it evenly throughout.
4. Maintain 2 walking aisles, entrance to back, minimum 6 feet wide:
One 8 feet from windows and one 8 feet from elevator/stair core.
5. Move round and square tables without rollers into Vending area; place Jasper chairs with each table. Move chairs with rollers out of vending area. Neaten table and chair arrangement.
6. Check for cracked, missing or damaged plastic boxes on white boards and replace as needed. Velcro and replacement boxes are stored in Director's Office closet.
7. Check labels on white boards monthly and replace any damaged or missing. (labels have image of dry erase marker on them; available from Admin Offices Admin Assistant.)

8.  Monthly:  check nuts which secure wheels (the wheels which have a white center) to legs of tables and whiteboards; tighten any which are not tight.

1. Maintain average of 2 to 4 dry erase markers per whiteboard, in plastic holders, point down.
2. Maintain 1 dry erase eraser per whiteboard, in plastic holders.
3. Clean dry erase erasers: when material is caked on them, scrape with edge of a letter
opener, holding over a trash basket. This is much better than washing. When worn out or broken, replace.
4. Order supplies 2 to 3 months ahead of need. See files for previous orders over the web.
Wallmart has often been the least expensive so far. Order online.
Get Expo  – 12 colors per pack: 12 pack/$11 or 18 pack; prefer 18 pack due to greater variety of colors.
Order at least 120 markers at a time.
Hobby/craft store is source for plastic boxes, Velcro. Keep at least 3 boxes on hand.
Current plastic boxes are from Hobby Lobby (
Erasers: From AJ @ about $1.50/e.
Expo white board cleaner @ $26/gal.
5. Store supplies in Director's Office closet (or move to unit which has responsibility).
6. The Library has been supplying dry erase cleaner, by the gallon, and cleaning cloths to LRC, for cleaning the whiteboard wall in the Math Lab. These are stored in the Math Lab closet. If it is not being cleaned, make arrangements for Library student assistants to clean it.

Maintenance by various units:
1. LITS is responsible for checking & maintaining equipment. If something is broken, tell LITS.
2. Admin Offices: check in March and September with FM re changing of Hydration Station filter. FM should be monitoring this and replacing the filter, but it would be best to verify that it is being handled.
3. All: report special cleaning needs and lack of cleaning to Manager of Contractual Services.
4. All: check for issues with vending machines and report them to Business Manager who will report them Campus Card Services. e.g. vending machines understocked, broken.
5. Admin Offices: check RLC Rules postings (on glass wall and on bulletin board) monthly for damage; also, check for any need to update the rules. Report problems with RLC Rules postings to Admin Offices which keeps the master copy online. Similarly, check and replace signs at entrance.
6. Admin Offices: check the bulletin board and remove expired, disallowed, and redundant postings. Place current date on new posters and remove after 6 months unless it is a timeless UMBC posting.

Bulletin Board Monitoring and Cleaning: Managed by Library Administrative Offices
1. Maintain and re-post as needed rules for bulletin board posting and one RLC rules copy.
2. On a weekly basis: (student job) 

write date of first sighting on each new posting
remove all user-posted items more than 6 months old (except still relevant UMBC official posts)
remove all postings for past events
remove all duplicate postings, i.e. there should be no more than one of each poster up
postings are not returned to owners but are discarded
check to be sure there are several unused pushpins available; replace as needed.

from: I:admin2\admin\manual\RLC Maintenance Procedures 6/26/12  LW, subsequent revisions done only in Guideline 290

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