Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery

Guideline 231 - Library & Gallery Code of Conduct

Note: This Guideline supersedes Guideline 230 - Disruption and Guideline 231 - Food, Drink, Noise, and Disruption

To facilitate the Albin O. Kuhn Library and Gallery mission of promoting intellectual growth and creativity, facilitating access to information resources, and furthering innovative teaching and learning, and to ensure a safe and productive environment for all Library and Gallery users, the following rules govern the use of library facilities, collections, and services. In establishing and enforcing these rules, the Library & Gallery commits to supporting equity, diversity, and inclusion for our users, staff, collections, environment, and services. We strive to create and maintain a community that acknowledges, encourages, appreciates, and celebrates differences.

This Code of Conduct supplements the UMBC Student Code of Conduct:

Regular Feedback and Review

This Code of Conduct was created with the wellbeing of Library & Gallery users in mind and, as such, is subject to regular revision based on their feedback.The Library & Gallery will make an effort to regularly post the Code of Conduct in shared virtual spaces to solicit review and comment. Library & Gallery users can send questions and comments at any time to


UMBC students, faculty, staff, and any individual may access library facilities during posted hours, subject to adherence to library rules and this Code of Conduct. Use of the Gallery, Special Collections, and Digital Media Lab may be governed by more restrictive hours and rules. After the library’s posted closing time, access to the Atrium is restricted to UMBC students, faculty, and staff with appropriate University identification. Access to the Retriever Learning Commons (RLC) is always restricted to UMBC students, faculty, and staff with current UMBC identification. UMBC users should not allow users without an appropriate ID to access the RLC or other areas of the library restricted to UMBC users.


No animals are allowed in library facilities other than ADA-approved service animals in accordance with Library Guideline 232 - Animals in the Library.


Children and Minors

Adults who bring children or minors into library facilities are responsible for monitoring their activities and regulating their behavior. UMBC Police will be notified of unattended children under the age of 12, in accordance with Maryland state law.

Computer Use

Use of public computers in library facilities is governed by the UMBC Policy for Responsible Computing ( and Library Guideline 233 - Library Public Computer Use

( The first priority for use of library computers is for activities directly related to the research and educational mission of the University.

  • Users of library computers are expected to handle the equipment with care in order to maintain their conditions for continued use.

  • Public computers require UMBC authentication or the use of a “Guest Account,” which may be requested from a library service desk with current, government- or school-issued photo ID.

  • Users must refrain from damaging any hardware or equipment, introducing viruses or other malicious code into any computer system, tampering with or installing software or changing equipment settings, or using library computers to engage in any activity that violates University policy or applicable state or federal

Dress and Hygiene

  • Users must wear clothing including both a shirt with pants or skirt, or the equivalent (for example dresses, leggings, or shorts) and shoes.

  • Users having body odor or personal hygiene that interferes with other users' ability to use the library may be asked to leave

Food and Drink

Food and drink (in covered containers) are permitted in the Library with the exception of posted areas, including the Gallery, Special Collections, instruction room(s), and the Digital Media Lab, and at or near library computers and equipment. The following restrictions also apply:

  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all times.

  • Parties anywhere are prohibited, except events sponsored by the Library or scheduled and catered through the Campus, within guidelines for such events.

  • Cooking, preparing meals, or food preparation equipment is prohibited.

  • Food delivery is permitted in the Atrium

  • The Library requests that users dispose of trash and recyclables in appropriate containers, and clean up accidents or spills immediately and inform library staff.

Library Staff Equipment and Offices

Library staff equipment, telephones, and offices are for use by Library and Gallery staff only. Library and Gallery users may not enter staff-only areas unless accompanied by a Library and Gallery staff member.

Mobile Phones

Audible ringers for mobile phones must be turned off. Mobile phone conversations at a reasonable volume are allowed in the Atrium and in non-Quiet Areas of the Library. On Absolutely Quiet Floors, mobile phone use is restricted to silent uses only.


The Library and Gallery offers a variety of spaces for individual, group, and quiet study. Instruction or large group discussions must be confined to designated spaces, including the Atrium, Gallery, seventh floor event spaces, library instruction room(s), screening room, and meeting and presentation rooms. On all floors, users who wish to listen to audio on computers or mobile devices must use headphones. Floors and areas are designated by noise level, as follows:

  • Collaborative - Library users may work in groups in normal speaking voices and hold cell phone conversations at a low volume.

  • Quiet - Library users may have infrequent, quiet discussions. Cell phone conversations are not permitted, and users should set their cell phones to vibrate. Note that designated Quiet floors may have enclosed spaces designated for Collaborative use.

  • Absolutely Quiet - Library users should not engage in conversation above a whisper, or have extended conversation at any volume. All mobile devices should be in silent mode.


Noise Level




All spaces on the 1st floor, including the RLC, Gallery, Special Collections Reading Room, Innovation Lab, and public computer areas are considered Collaborative. The Atrium and Gallery may be used for instruction, large group meetings, and events.



The Library Instruction Room (259), Presentation Room (257), and Screening Room (258) may be used for instruction or large group meetings.



The Simmons Collaboration Room (368) and group study rooms (369-R to 374-R) are considered Collaborative spaces on this otherwise Quiet floor. Users in these spaces should be mindful of their volume so as not to disrupt users in other areas of the 3rd floor.



The group study rooms (453-R to 458-R) and Assistive Technology Room (455) are considered Collaborative spaces on this otherwise Quiet floor. Users in these spaces should be mindful of their volume so as not to disrupt users in other areas of the 4th floor


Absolutely Quiet

The entire 5th floor is considered an Absolutely Quiet area


Absolutely Quiet

The entire 6th floor is considered an Absolutely Quiet area



The Board Room (767), adjoining Conference Area, and President’s Room (768) may be used for instruction, large group meetings, and events. The rest of the 7th floor is considered Collaborative due to overflow noise from these areas.

Photography and Video Recording

Requests for photography or video recording in the Library and Gallery for commercial purposes or by external non-UMBC affiliated groups must be directed to the Library Director. Any recording, including for educational

purposes, should comply with the rules as outlined in the code of conduct and should not interfere with Library users’ access to services, privacy, and ability to move safely throughout the building.

Prohibited Conduct & Items

To ensure the safety, comfort, and productivity of library users and staff, the following are prohibited:

  • Any behavior which disrupts or interferes with use of the Library or Gallery, including the ability of staff to carry out library tasks safely and efficiently

  • Any behavior which violates UMBC Policies, Code of Student Conduct ( or applicable federal, state, or local laws

  • Damaging or destroying any library facility, furniture, or equipment

  • Soliciting, harassing, or threatening Library staff or users

  • Creating noise that interferes with the work of others, including the use of audio devices without earphones

  • Leaving personal belongings unattended

  • Using bicycles, roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, or scooters in the building

  • Being in a staff-only area of the library

  • Allowing unaccompanied, non-UMBC users into limited-access areas of the the library, including the Atrium (after normal library hours) and Retriever Learning Commons (24 hours)

  • Removing or attempting to remove library materials without checking them out

  • Concealing or relocating library materials in the library for the exclusive use of an individual or group

  • Damaging library materials by marking, underlining, removing pages or portions of pages, removing bindings, removing electronic theft protection devices or barcodes, or in any other way defacing library materials

  • Refusing to comply with requests from Library staff, including requests to leave the building at closing or during emergency situations or drills

Smoking and Tobacco Products

In accordance with Maryland law and University System of Maryland policy, lighted smoking materials are not permitted anywhere in the building. Use of chewing and smokeless tobacco, vape, or “e-cigarette” products are also prohibited. UMBC has adopted a campus-wide smoke free policy. For further details on this

policy please see Refusal to Abide by Library and Gallery Rules

Library and Gallery users who violate the Code of Conduct may be subject to penalties including:

  • Loss of library borrowing privileges

  • Loss of access to specific library spaces, services, or collections

  • Bills for damages to library materials, equipment, technology, facilities, or furnishings

  • Temporary or permanent ban from the Library and Gallery

  • Temporary or permanent ban from the UMBC campus

  • Referral to the UMBC Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards

  • Criminal charges

Library users will typically receive a warning for violations of the Code of Conduct. Criminal activity or activities that harass, threaten, or endanger Library staff or users will be escalated immediately to University Police.


1/23/04, rev. 8/4/09, 12/9/09, ed. LW 8/29/12, MD 07/02/13; food and drink trial revisions 12/3/13 LD, ed. LW 12/4/13,12/23/13, 3/29/16, TH 2/14/20, 4/9/2020;

Revisions from the CIDE Code of Conduct Working Group, 5/15/2021; Final posted after review by Library Staff LA 8/19/2021

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